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      We’re a family of three, and run LOMIE: sustainably-made muslin bibs for babies.

      When creating our products the design, production, use, and end of life have all been given considerable thought.

      • We use fabrics made of 100% NATURAL FIBRES
      • We MINIMISE WASTE during production
      • We SUPPORT the LOCAL textile community by manufacturing in the city we live in, Nottingham, UK
      • We REMOVE ALL NON-BIODEGRADABLE elements from the bib itself (press studs, velcro)
      • We use REVERSIBLE block colours so the Scarf Bibs work twice as easily with your child’s wardrobe
      • We use a REUSABLE and ADJUSTABLE Woggle fastener - one Woggle can be used for many / all Scarf Bibs and adapts with your growing child
      • We REPURPOSE WASTE from a local leather goods manufacturer in the production of the Woggle

      When your babe, and their younger siblings, no longer need their Scarf Bibs we recommend using them as washcloths, hankies or napkins.
      The Woggle can be used to fasten your own scarves, or can be returned to us to be reused. More details on this to come.


      Muslin cloths are an essential item when you have a wee one. They are used for breast and bottle feeding, for winding and mopping up the various spills of your baby. Traditionally they are squares of fine cotton cloth, which if you were organised, you’d always have with you. But, from my personal experience, they always seemed to be just out of reach… By having your baby wearing a muslin LOMIE Scarf Bib, you can relax, the muslin will be there at hand, right when you need it.

      Due to the open weave structure of muslin it is highly absorbent and dries very quickly. This is why LOMIE Scarf Bibs are equally useful for teething. The fabric is durable, breathable and easy to care for. And hey, with the LOMIE design, our muslin Scarf Bibs just look good too.


      The LOMIE Woggle is the fastening system used for LOMIE Scarf Bibs. The Woggle is removable and reusable so can be used to fasten all LOMIE bibs. Only one Woggle is required for many bibs. By having this system we aim to reduce the consumption of non-biodegradable poppers or velcro that are typically used (up to 4 per bib). It is adjustable and will adapt as your child grows (2 - 24 months +).

      A new purpose is given to offcuts from a local leather goods manufacturer in the production of LOMIE Woggles. Typically these offcuts would unfortunately be sent to landfill. The leather itself is responsibly and ethically sourced from Tuscany, a region of Italy that, for generations, has been using traditional methods to produce some of the world’s finest leather. No animal is killed for its skin. On the contrary, the raw hides are the discarded by-products of the food industry. The leather is ‘vegetable tanned’, coloured with natural tannins. It does not contain any toxic substance such as azo-dyes, nickel, PCP or chrome VI and is completely safe and suitable for use by you and your baby.