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      We are Fern, Stefan and Maximilian and this is our business, LOMIE.

      We want to contribute to change, however small that might be, in the way items are created and used. And we want to encourage you to buy less and buy wiser.

      That’s why we launched LOMIE: sustainably-made cotton bibs for babies.

      Our products have been developed as a direct response to our parenting experience. We design for functionality and product longevity, with sustainability at the forefront.

      Sadly, nothing lasts forever - especially baby stuff! Because we use natural fibres, and avoid plastic at all costs, when the time does come to part ways, your LOMIE products can be returned to the earth (or to us) guilt-free.

      When not working on LOMIE, we are looking after our son, Max. And we each have other jobs, too - Fern is the director of innovation at a smart textile SME, and Stefan is an architectural and interiors photographer.