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      We are Fern & Stefan and we are the faces behind LOMIE, our award winning small business for Best Eco Product Design. 

      Coming from New Zealand and Brazil, we met in London and immediately hit it off. Due to our shared interests and values we have gone on to build, not only a wonderful relationship and family together, but also this business.

      We wanted to contribute to change, however small that might be, in the way items are created and used, and also encourage consumers to buy less and buy wiser.

      It's for these reasons we launched LOMIE in October 2019 and specialise in sustainably and ethically made scarves for babies and toddlers.

      Our products have been developed as a direct response to our parenting experience - designed for multi-functionality and product longevity, with sustainability at the forefront.

      Sadly, nothing lasts forever - especially baby stuff! But because we use natural fibres, and avoid plastic at all costs, when the time does come to part ways, your LOMIE products can be returned to the earth (or to us) guilt-free.

      When the pandemic hit we were living in Nottingham, UK. Fern was the director of innovation at a smart textile SME, and Stefan a professional photographer, travelling globally. Stefan's work dried up completely and Malakai was born during lockdown. It was tough. We decided to return to New Zealand for Fern's maternity leave to be with family and regroup. More than anything the pandemic has reminded us how important family is and we have now decided to stay.

      We are now working on building a family business, an artisan bakery called Rüdi's, here in beautiful Whangamata.